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A Letter from Bojana Sentaler


Dear friends, followers and clients,

The last several months have been difficult for all of us. These are challenging times that are testing our strengths and heightening our emotions. In light of these circumstances, I want to reconnect with you and remind you that I am thinking about you, and still optimistic that we will come out of this stronger together.

For me personally, spending time in nature has served as green therapy, and a way to step back, unwind and reset. While I have always enjoyed being outdoors, it is over these past few months that by rediscovering the forest, I have consciously become aware of everything that our earth gives us, and just how little we give back.

As I write this letter to you all, there are hurricanes churning in our oceans, wildfires burning up our trees, and a global pandemic that is keeping us away from the people and things we enjoy most. Much of this is accelerated by rising temperatures and continuous and unnecessary carbon output in our daily lives. Our planet’s natural rhythm is being shattered by climate change that is altering the world as we know it.

Sitting in the forest, feeling the sun warm my skin, listening to the music of the wilderness, and taking deep breaths of cool fresh air, it occurred to me what a difference one tree makes. A tree is a symbol of hope. A tree creates oxygen. A tree improves water quality. A tree creates habitats for wildlife. And most importantly, a tree absorbs carbon, a key component in fighting the effects of climate change.

This realization has stirred a new passion within me to safeguard our planet so that our children, and their children, and all people can experience earth’s most simple pleasures in the decades and centuries to come. The future generations deserve a green landscape to explore, healthy trees to climb, and clean air to breathe. To do this, we must take responsibility for changing our habits to create a new movement of slowing down, consuming less and reducing waste.

The time to act is now. 

Today, I am proud to make a long-term commitment in support of Forest Recovery Canada and Forests Ontario's 50 Million Tree Program to help plant new forests for our future. Today, SENTALER begins a new chapter in giving back for all of us, in the hopes of a brighter future for those that we love most.

Alone, we are just one tree. But together, we are a forest. And together we can help create the forests for the future. 


President and Creative Director, SENTALER