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A Letter from Bojana Sentaler


Dear SENTALER Community,

I hope this message finds you safe and healthy, wherever you may be in the world. 

This is a sincere message that comes from my heart. I want you all to know how truly important and meaningful your support and loyalty has meant to me, and to the entire SENTALER team. We have been working endlessly behind the scenes over the last 12 months to create newness and positive change, and we could not have made it through this year without you.

The difficulties that 2020 has brought has made us more resilient, and more conscious of the environment around us. If there is anything I can share with you, it is this: in difficult times, look inwards to control your own inner peace and happiness. Take this time to build yourself up. You are your most important asset.

I am very optimistic about the new year and I hope that through SENTALER we can continue to help bring light, positivity and inspiration into your life. One of my goals personally, and as a company, is to empower and inspire our community; to help all of us overcome external factors with positivity and strength. We are passionate about creating positive change in the world for all of us.

It has brought me so much joy to see the response to our #SENTALER4SickKids collection this year, and to see all of you wearing your ribbed accessories to show your support. We are grateful for the on-going partnership we have with SickKids Foundation, and want you to know what a difference these donations mean to the pediatric patients at SickKids Hospital.

In the New Year, we will be sharing our contribution toward creating a better and more sustainable planet through our Forests for the Future initiative. We are excited to show what we have been able to achieve, together with you, to support the planting and maintenance of new forest growth across Canada. Helping combat the effects of climate change and supporting the work done by the 50 Million Tree Program is of the utmost importance to our future. We are so proud of this work and look forward to continuing to keep sustainability at the forefront of our decision making and play our role in bettering the planet.

Lastly, dear clients, friends and community, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for giving me a reason to create, design and do what I love. Thank you for continuing to support us. We truly value each and every one of you.

Team SENTALER and I are sending you all of our love, compassion and integrity for the New Year. In 2021, we hope to continue to inspire and empower you through our collaborations, partnerships and new collections.

I look forward to sharing with you what we have been working on for 2021.

I wish you a safe, healthy and happy New Year!

With love,



Bojana Sentaler

President and Creative Director, SENTALER